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Network related menu bar add-ons

October 21, 2009

Continuing in a similar vein to Macuser’s recent feature on Menu bar add-ons, two network specific apps in this category which may be of interest are IP in menu bar by MonkeyBread Software and John Schilling’s BwanaDik.

Both can report the local area network or/and wide area network/router IP addresses in use, however, whilst IP in menu bar displays one or the other actually on the menu bar, BwanaDik lists both when its icon is clicked upon; Both approaches have their advantages – in the case of IP in Menu bar the immediate access to this information was the primary reason for its selection at work to simplify the remote assistance of end-users whilst one of the design criteria listed by the author for Bwanadik was for it to be simple, small.

From a monitoring/troubleshooting point of view however BwanaDik has the edge as notification of any connectivty problems is more timely and is also augmented by the use of the icon’s colour coded status.

IP in menu bar is donationware, BwanaDik is freeware.

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