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Initial Thoughts: Flipboard

July 25, 2010

Flipboard iconReleased earlier this week following much hype (especially by Robert Scoble), Flipboard aims to personalize your news according to your tastes as well as those of your Facebook friends and those you follow on Twitter. However, due to what it’s CEO Mike McCue described as “an explosive rush of new users”, in its current form access to these key differentiators is by invitation only and as a result it has been dismissed by some as little more than just another news aggregator with what could be regarded as a gimmick for a means of navigation.

For the brief time I have been using it “as is”, I have found it to be an extremely responsive application based around a simple premise which utilizes a novel, genuinely useful presentation style.

In a world which seems to have an increasingly low tolerance for anything less than instant gratification, whilst I can understand people’s frustration I believe we should acknowledge the doubtless many late nights/early mornings the team of 10(!) have and at least for the immediate future continue to endure and look forward to the fulfillment of their initial vision.

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