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Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

October 6, 2011 Comments off

Although in recent years my day to day work has taken me away from the front lines of supporting the Mac users of the company I work for, as a convert myself and former Editor of the apple_bites twitter feed and e-mail newsletter I was saddened to learn of Steve Job’s death yesterday.

Like all great maestro’s he commanded the Apple product launches with seemingly effortless ease and with his legendary “reality distortion field” fueled by his passion and apparent relentless attention to detail made us all forget just how much work was behind the “magic”.

Whilst others discuss and help solidify his place in history – as a kindred spirit and after a brush with death and having had to deal with a chronic medical condition myself I imagine the only thing worse than his initial diagnosis was the moment he realized he would no longer be able to continue in the role of CEO and everything that entailed; indeed the short amount of time since then and yesterday’s sad news suggest he hung onto that as long as could.

He will be missed..


My Take On The New MacBook Air..

October 22, 2010 Comments off

Having both used and supported the original MacBook Air in an enterprise environment I, like many, was keen to see what changes Apple had up its sleeves when it announced its most recent incarnation. Like others, I was disappointed to hear that it would continue to use at its heart an Intel Core 2 Duo processor but intrigued to hear that it would use flash based memory for primary storage purposes.

Given the fact that Apple is the primary NAND flash based memory buyer in the world and that such is its demand to support products such as the iPhone and iPad that it has repeatedly caused worldwide market shortages in the past, when coupled with the supplier agreements it has in place and taking into account the discounts such purchasing power enable it to demand is it naive to not think that one reason the company is and will continue to expand its market share is by the monopolistic holding of such components? Apple has always had a history of being innovative but given that Steve Jobs heralded the MacBook AirĀ  “the next generation of MacBooks” it will be interesting to see how and if its competitors can respond.

Make The Most of Your Surroundings

May 2, 2010 Comments off

MS NERD iconBoston is well known as a major conference and exhibition hub as well as being home to a number of high tech corporations and one of the things I was looking forward to upon moving here were the opportunities for networking this might present. Two examples that came to light are events regularly hosted at the Microsoft New England Research & Development (affectionately known as the NERD) Center and the Boston Mac User Group which holds it’s meeting on the MIT campus.

Obviously not everybody is in a situation as fortunate as mine but the point is every now and then to get from behind a keyboard, engage with other people of similar interests, make contacts and enjoy yourself – you never know what it might lead to.

AppleBites and Twitter lists

November 1, 2009 Comments off

Apple BitesI’ve been looking for a simple way to share my Apple related twitter “channel” – AppleBites, for some time and with the introduction of lists (currently in Beta) Twitter now enables this. As lists can also be made Private as opposed to Public lists however they are also a simple means of organising who you follow into specific categories for easier browsing.

As a result I’ve created the following Public lists:

Although at first glance the introduction of lists may seem a small change it is likely to be hugely popular due to the enhanced follower and filtering management functionality it introduces.