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Caffeine menu bar add-in

October 21, 2009 Comments off

CaffeineAvailable from Lighthead Software, Caffeine is a small utility to prevent a Mac’s display from dimming, going to sleep or activating the screensaver – essential when a machine is being used to give a presentation or watch a DVD. Simply click on the coffee cup icon to activate Caffeine until finished or ctrl+click on it to bring up the application menu and activate it for a specified amount of time; when finished simply click on the icon again.

A couple of things to bear in mind are the power and security implications whilst the utility is being used.

Caffeine is freeware.

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Network related menu bar add-ons

October 21, 2009 Comments off

Continuing in a similar vein to Macuser’s recent feature on Menu bar add-ons, two network specific apps in this category which may be of interest are IP in menu bar by MonkeyBread Software and John Schilling’s BwanaDik.

Both can report the local area network or/and wide area network/router IP addresses in use, however, whilst IP in menu bar displays one or the other actually on the menu bar, BwanaDik lists both when its icon is clicked upon; Both approaches have their advantages – in the case of IP in Menu bar the immediate access to this information was the primary reason for its selection at work to simplify the remote assistance of end-users whilst one of the design criteria listed by the author for Bwanadik was for it to be simple, small.

From a monitoring/troubleshooting point of view however BwanaDik has the edge as notification of any connectivty problems is more timely and is also augmented by the use of the icon’s colour coded status.

IP in menu bar is donationware, BwanaDik is freeware.

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Teleport – Share a single keyboard and mouse across multiple Macs

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As featured in MacUser’s “Menu bar add-ons” article (25th September), Teleport – available from allows you to control multiple Macs from one keyboard and mouse over a local network connection.

Snow Leopard and Leopard compatible (with an older version available for PPC systems), simply install Teleport on each machine you wish to control, complete the straightforward configuration and then confirm access for/by each machine and you’re all set.

Teleport is donationware so there’s no set fee but compared to the cost of a physical KVM switch its a bargain.

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Econ screensaver

August 13, 2009 Comments off

Available from whilst a nice enough screensaver, for the paronoid amongst us – do you really want every application icon displayed?

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Contributor to 1Password article by MacNewsWorld.

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Enterprise Mac Administrators Guide

May 11, 2009 Comments off

Enterprise Mac Administrator's Guide
From three consultants at including two of the authors of the Foundations of Mac OS X Leopard Security (highly recommended) this forthcoming book “.. will cover the aspects of integrating the Mac, en masse, into enterprise environments. From Directory Services and managed preferences to storage, Xsan, DFS integration, virtualization and middle-ware scripting, this title covers a lot of ground!”

As the book will be published by Apress who are featured in Safari Books Online I got in touch with one of the authors – Charles Edge, to ask whether a Rough Cuts version would be available. Unfortunately as the book includes coverage of OS X Snow Leopard, due to NDA restrictions it seems unlikely.

My opinion however – One to put on your Amazon Wish List.

UPDATE: state publication dates of 21st and 23rd September and according to Charles Edge this will be followed in early October on Safari Books Online .

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