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Qualys BrowserCheck

February 23, 2011 Comments off

Recently featured on the Internet Storm Center’s podcast, Qualys’s BrowerCheck tool can be used to complete a very simple but highly important task – to ensure that your web browser and all of plug-ins are up to date. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome it will scan a machine and the browser being used (i.e. multiple browsers installed will require individual scans) to detect what browser/plug-ins are installed and whether a new version is available; if so – a “Fix It” button is displayed to the right of the plug-in concerned which upon being clicked will direct the user to the vendor’s associated installation page. After an update(s) have been applied re-run the scan to update the compliancy status.

Whilst Qualys does use the results of scans conducted to produce reports of the findings it states on the tool’s FAQ page that use of the tool “..does NOT use or track your personal information and browser history”.

So simple, effective and essentially free  – make it part of your personal computer hygiene routine today!

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How Secure Is Your (Virtual) Data Really?

April 5, 2010 Comments off

The Monitor logoRead my latest article for The Monitor magazine – this time on the topic of security in virtualized environments.

Microsoft Security Essentials – Updated

October 17, 2009 Comments off

Just downloaded the above and applied it to a Windows 7 install under VMWare; small footprint, simple interface and did I mention its free?

Yes, it is limited to purely malware detection and removal but for home users who do not currently have a solution in place or one that is for one reason or another not being kept up to date, worth considering.

For another opinion check out PC PRO’s Darien Graham Smith’s – Can Microsoft Security Essentials beat Norton?

UPDATE: Microsoft Malware Protection Centre’s results for the first week of Security Essentials being available.


August 7, 2009 Comments off

Want a simple, FREE way to add an additional layer of protection to your home/small business network?

Substitute your ISP provided domain name server (DNS) entries with those of on your computer, router or DNS server and configure comprehensive anti-phishing, content filtering technologies and more via a straightforward browser based control panel; add to this reporting tools and plain english explanations of any errors/violations and have greater peace of mind – time well spent.

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