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Safari Books Online

August 14, 2009 Comments off

Safari Books OnlineIntroduced at the beginning of the year as a new IEEE Computing Society membership benefit, Safari Books Online’s Essential Tech and Business Library provides access to – “600 selections included from major publishers like O’Reilly, Addison-Wesley, and Cisco Press.”

An annual membership to the Computing Society currently costs $99 (USD) = £59.73, compared to $252.99 (USD) = £152.65 for access to Safari Books Online Library by itself. In addition to Safari Books Online however, Computer Society membership also includes access to its own online Digital Library and 2700 e-Learning courses covering Cisco, MS technologies as well as specific topics – e.g. Security plus several other benefits.

More information can be found as below:

IEEE Computing Society

Safari Books Online Library

Bottom line – a worthwhile investment for those who want to get on even in these tough economic times.

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Econ screensaver

August 13, 2009 Comments off

Available from whilst a nice enough screensaver, for the paronoid amongst us – do you really want every application icon displayed?

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Want a simple, FREE way to add an additional layer of protection to your home/small business network?

Substitute your ISP provided domain name server (DNS) entries with those of on your computer, router or DNS server and configure comprehensive anti-phishing, content filtering technologies and more via a straightforward browser based control panel; add to this reporting tools and plain english explanations of any errors/violations and have greater peace of mind – time well spent.

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Run by the authors of The Practice of System and Network Administration (recommended for everybody who works in IT); like the book (updated to a 2nd edition in 2007)  the website provides common sense advice on how to be a competent sysadmin from a platform agnostic standpoint.

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